Retain your team. Help them thrive. Change the world.

Increase Retention

Improve Productivity

Save Time and Money

If you can’t keep hold of your team and help them thrive, you won’t succeed.

Without happy, productive people, your programmes are doomed to failure.

Don’t let people and performance issues get in the way of discovering and developing the medicines of the future.

Your work is too important.

Build a brilliant Biotech.

Create a brilliant company that people love to work for.

Understand what your people love about your company, along with what the best businesses in the sector and the world do to engage and retain their teams.

Onboard your new hires quickly, consistently and effectively.

Strong onboarding increases new hire retention by 82% and productivity by over 70%. Get yours right.

Help your team to develop, thrive and deliver.

Gain in-depth knowledge of your team’s strengths, ambitions and motivations. Harness these to help them perform and acheive.

How it works.

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Create onboarding and retention plans that work

Engage your team and get new hires up & running quickly.

Build a brilliant Biotech company

Harness the power of your team to treat patients and change the world.

“Our partnership is built on a strong foundation of two-way trust and honesty. It’s a pleasure to work with the Singular team.”

Chief People Officer, e-therapeutics

I am confident that without their support we would not have identified the candidates we have, and we look forward to continuing to work with them as we grow.

Chief Scientific Officer, Ubiquigent

“We are happy repeat customers of Singular; working with them has been a positive experience all round.”


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The Singular team come with:

  • Decades of experience
  • Hundreds of successful hires
  • Dozens of Biotechs helped
  • True sector specialism
  • Thousands of hours saved

How we help.


Good onboarding improves retention by 82% and productivity by 70%, but 88% of companies don’t onboard well. Get yours right.

Values Creation

Capture what’s unique about your business and align your Values with your team’s drivers to unlock a new level of engagement and performance.

Team Assessments

Understand the skills, capabilities and ambitions of your team. Harness them to lead effectively and drive outstanding performance.

Employee Experience

Get to the bottom of what your team love about your company, where the gaps are and what the best businesses in the world do. Create an action plan that enhances retention and performance.

Building a brilliant Biotech company is hard. It’s also essential to your success.

As the world continues to change, your approach to attracting, engaging, securing and retaining talent must evolve. With a clear growth strategy, you’ll build an outstanding team that helps you to save lives and change the world.

In a highly specialised sector like Biotech, it’s no longer enough to simply post an advert and hope for the best. Candidates have options, so you need to show them why the grass is greener on your side of the fence.

The good news is that most of your competitors aren’t doing a great job of hiring and retaining the best people. If you can find ways to engage those you want in your business, you’ll be giving yourself a major advantage.

Hiring well is great, but if you can’t keep your team engaged, develop them so they thrive and offer them an incredible working experience, you’ll lose them.

Growing any business is difficult, but without a strong platform to build on, it’s impossible. A happy, productive team will give you that foundation.

Clarifying your Values so they capture what really makes your business unique gets everyone on the same page. Onboarding well sets your people up for success. Leveraging their strengths and building a company that provides a brilliant employee experience unlocks their potential.

Your work is too important to be delayed by hiring and people issues. Book your free Growth Strategy Session today so we can show you where to get started!