The right team will help you change the world.

We’ll help you build it.

Hire the right people

Save time

Bring out the best in your team

Your work is too important to be delayed by people issues.

Building a brilliant Biotech company is hard, and your team are crucial to your success.

Too much time spent on the wrong people will stop you from doing what’s important – discovering and developing medicines that save lives and change the world.

How we help.

Growth Strategy & Infrastructure

Build the right team, benchmark against competitors and create systems & processes to save time, increase consistency and grow.

Talent Attraction

Hire expert scientists, world-class executives and outstanding board members. We’ll do it for you or teach you to do it yourself.

Retention & Performance

Keep your team engaged, understand their skills and drivers, and help them thrive. Build a company that people love working for.

Grow your Biotech company the right way.

Save time with the right strategy, systems and processes.

Create clarity, alignment and repeatability. Design and implement a growth plan that works, over and over again.

Hire the right people, whether they’re on the market or not.

Identify and communicate what makes your company great. Attract better people more easily and beat your competition to the best talent.

Increase retention and help your team to thrive.

Effective onboarding increases retention and performance. Understand your team’s skills, aspirations & motivations to drive their success.

How it works.

Book your free Growth Strategy Session

Meet with one of our Growth Partners to understand your key growth challenges.

Receive your personalised Growth Strategy Report

Your report highlights your key priorities for effective growth and actions you can take today.

Take action and build a brilliant Biotech

Implement your plan and build the team that delivers your vision.

Hear from our CEO & Founder, Tom Froggatt

The Singular team come with:

  • Decades of experience
  • Hundreds of successful hires
  • Dozens of Biotechs helped
  • True sector specialism
  • Thousands of hours saved

Building a brilliant Biotech company is hard. It’s also essential to your success.

As the world continues to change, your approach to attracting, engaging, securing and retaining talent must evolve. With a clear growth strategy, you’ll build an outstanding team that helps you to save lives and change the world.

In a highly specialised sector like Biotech, it’s no longer enough to simply post an advert and hope for the best. Candidates have options, so you need to show them why the grass is greener on your side of the fence.

The good news is that most of your competitors aren’t doing a great job of hiring and retaining the best people. If you can find ways to engage those you want in your business, you’ll be giving yourself a major advantage.

Developing a winning growth strategy and infrastructure will help you attract, engage and retain the right people for your business, consistently and repeatedly.

Creating compelling messaging about your company will not only cause great people to flock to your business, but motivate them to stay and perform.

Applying a proven search methodology to your hiring campaigns allows you to tap into the “passive” talent pool and access top professionals & executives that your competitors can’t reach. We’ll do this for you or, if you’d prefer, teach you to do it yourself.

Designing & implementing world-class onboarding, delving into the ambitions, motivations & hidden talents of your team and understanding what they really want from you as an employer will help you to ensure they thrive.

All of this together will mean you build a brilliant Biotech company that people truly love to work for, where they acheive their potential while helping you to deliver your milestones.

Your work is too important to be delayed by hiring and people issues. Book your free Growth Strategy Session today so we can show you where to get started!