Find, attract, engage and secure the right people for your Biotech team.

Hire Better People

Save Time

Build A Team That Delivers

Hiring doesn’t have to be painful.

Finding the right people for your team can be full of disappointment, frustration and wasted time.

We believe there’s another way.

Let’s make hiring better.

Hire better people, more quickly, with greater confidence.

Tap into the “passive” talent pool to hire people that others can’t.

Most hiring campaigns focus on those who are looking for a job. This is about a third of the potential market available to you. Attracting “passive” candidates will triple the size of your talent pool.

Engage with serious, qualified candidates who are interested in your company.

Thorough qualification will save you from wasting time and will help you to secure the candidates you want to hire.

Spread the word about your company and build your employer brand.

The Biotech community is small and well connected. Raising your profile as an employer will help you to hire more effectively next time around too.

How it works.

Create your brief.

One of our expert Growth Partners will help create a brief that both fulfils your needs and attracts candidates.

Engage the market.

We’ll design a compeling proposition and take it to the right people with our rigorous, propietary search methodology.

Interview, select and hire.

Meet qualified, interested candidates, choose the ones that shine and secure them on time, in budget and with confidence in your decision.

“Our partnership is built on a strong foundation of two-way trust and honesty. It’s a pleasure to work with the Singular team.”

Chief People Officer, e-therapeutics

I am confident that without their support we would not have identified the candidates we have, and we look forward to continuing to work with them as we grow.

Chief Scientific Officer, Ubiquigent

“We are happy repeat customers of Singular; working with them has been a positive experience all round.”


Hear from our CEO & Founder, Tom Froggatt

The Singular team come with:

  • Decades of experience
  • Hundreds of successful hires
  • Dozens of Biotechs helped
  • True sector specialism
  • Thousands of hours saved

How we help.

Specialist Search

Hiring scientific experts for your drug discovery and development teams? Attract, engage and secure the very best.

Executive Search

The right leaders can transform an organisation. We’ll help you source, assess and bring them on board.

Board Search

Building a board is different to hiring a team or leader, but no less critical. Access our network and beyond to create yours.

Direct Sourcing

Want to handle the hiring yourself? We’ll teach you how.

Building a brilliant Biotech company is hard. It’s also essential to your success.

As the world continues to change, your approach to attracting, engaging, securing and retaining talent must evolve. With a clear growth strategy, you’ll build an outstanding team that helps you to save lives and change the world.

In a highly specialised sector like Biotech, it’s no longer enough to simply post an advert and hope for the best. Candidates have options, so you need to show them why the grass is greener on your side of the fence.

The good news is that most of your competitors aren’t doing a great job of hiring and retaining the best people. If you can find ways to engage those you want in your business, you’ll be giving yourself a major advantage.

Our unique approach to search starts by defining what’s attractive about your business and role from a candidate’s perspective.

Then, we’ll use our propietary methodology to present that compelling proposition to everyone who’s relevant, not just those who are available.

This focus on cutting through the noise to engage “passive” talent widens your talent pool significantly. LinkedIn estimate that at any given time, roughly 30% of people are actively looking for a job, but 85-90% could be tempted to move, if approached in the right way about the right opportunity.

By adopting the Singular approach, you’ll hire better people, build a brilliant team and save time while you’re at it.

Your work is too important to be delayed by hiring issues. We’ll help you to build a brilliant Biotech company.

Book a briefing meeting with one of our Growth Partners to get started today!